Create Embeddable Notion Widgets in Just 1 minute

A Simple Call-to-Action widget-maker for your Notion Pages
Take Actions for Free
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How it works

Create Action

Create New Action

Create a new button or card for your social media profile or a digital product link that you want to promote.
Customize Action

Customize Action

Completely customize your button like changing the font color, adding gradient to the background & social media icons.
Copy embeddable link

Copy Embed Link

After you customize the widget, simply copy paste the embed link in your Notion Dashboard, it's that simple.


No more boring text links for your notion pages, use Actions to add buttons with Vibrant color and Gradients and create a call-to-action button in just a few clicks. If you have something important to tell the world, use the power of buttons


You think buttons don't just convey all the information? No problem, use Cards. Create fully customizable cards to share your Social media profiles or If you are selling Digital products or Notion Templates, Showcase your product and increase engagement using Cards.