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Beautiful Notion widgets with cards, collection and timers and profile pictures by Actions.so
2Notion widget for task tracking and time tracking by Actions.so3Beautiful Social Media Follow me card with button and profile picture for your Notion Pages by Actions.so

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No more boring text links on your Notion pages. Use Actions.so to add buttons with vibrant colors and gradients. Create call-to-action buttons in just a few clicks. Use the power of design to tell something important to tell the world.
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You think linear text just doesn't convey all the information? Increase user engagement by using cards! 
Creating fully customizable cards to showcase your social media profiles, digital or physical products or other pieces of information.
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c1A nice social media card widget for Notion - Actions.so Notion WidgetsA nice contact me card with profile picture and background card widget for Notion - Actions.so Notion Widgets


Text links on Notion can be plain and boring. Add colorful, interactive collection widgets with embedded call-to-action buttons in just a few clicks.
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Use special cards to promote your products in Notion in a professional way in line with web conventions.
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